Posted by: Mike
So a few days ago I found about the Day of the Dog time trials hosted by Team Bongo. The event popped up on my Facebook feed and it wasn't too far away so I roped in two friends and made plans to go and race.

Team Bongo Pic

The event was hosted at the Hick's Lodge trail centre and was run almost entirely on armoured trail, so I thought this would be a good chance to do my first single speed race of 2015 - one of my goals this year is to try and get onto the podium at SSUK2015.

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Posted by: Mike
The Primal Kitchen Paleo Bars - £1.49 per bar (45g)
Available from

Having been Paleo for around two years, I saw these in a local supermarket and was immediately very interested, especially as they boasted the tagline of being the UK's first Paleo bar. Whilst the notion of Paleo and Primal eating seems to already have a large market in the United States, it only has a small foothold in the UK. This foothold is growing, but not to the extent where I would expect to find Paleo products on sale in a large supermarket. I bought a couple of the bars to try, and then decided after eating them that I wanted to bring them to the view of other athletes and Paleo/Primal eaters.

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Posted by: Jodie
I haven't done Dusk til Dawn (D2D) for a couple of years so I was delighted when Karen Aldis of Gipping Race Team asked if I'd like to do it with her as a pair. Having only raced D2D in a team of three and a team of four before, this was going to be quite challenging, but something I felt I could handle.

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Posted by: Dave
Hello again! A lot has happened since my last blog post in August, (if you missed it, you can read it here) but in another, more accurate way; not that much has happened. I had planned to get to the closing rounds of the Midlands XC Series in August/September, but an annoying shoulder injury put me out of action for around 6 weeks.

It happened on a casual ride through our local trails in Whitwick. At least it started out as a casual ride, but things escalated pretty quickly. Iím a firm believer that you need to scare yourself on the bike every now and then, and on this ride I was scaring myself on most of the lines we were riding (riding with Dr. Jon normally has that effect). I ended up trying a pretty sketchy line that Iíd looked at many times, but have always found an excuse not to do it. I got about half way down it before my front wheel got caught in a bit of a hole, and I hit the eject button. For some reason, as I was mid-air going over the bars, I decided that the best place to land would be the one hard rock amid a sea of soft undergrowth. Bugger. I didnít break anything, but I did strain some ligaments in my shoulder which put me out of action for about 6 weeks.

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Posted by: Jodie
It was the last round of MSG - the end to a stronger spring/summer season for me. I've ridden Langdon Hills a couple of times before so knew well in advance what I was letting myself in for - hills - and some long tricky ones! I did my usual Saturday evening prep and packed all the car up minus the bike, which I'd sort in the morning. It's a 2 hour drive from home so I wanted as much done as possible as getting up at 5am wasn't going to be pleasant!

I arrived at Langdon at 8am, said a few hellos and set off for a pre-ride. The course in places was the same as I had ridden in the past, with a few new added bits including a new tight turn left followed by a sharp short hill, and some tight twisty bits in the woods.

This was going to be a tough one for me as I'm not very strong when it comes to hills so my plan was not to go off too hard at the beginning and instead just pace myself so I had strength in my legs for the hills.

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Posted by: Mike
We're proud to announce that the 9Bar/PaleoRacing Team has now officially launched for the 2014/15 season.

We are a six person strong cross-country mountain bike XC race team, with support from a range of brilliant sponsors. We have riders across both sexes and across most of the age categories too:

The team is captained by Mike Moore, an Expert category XCE specialist. Mike has successfully won the Midlands XC Series in the 2013/14 season and hopes to do the same next year!

Kim Marsh is the eldest member of the team, racing in the Grand Vet category. With over 25 years of racing experience, he can happily show any member of the team a clean pair of heels when the trail gets twisty!

Jodie is our female Sport category racer and has never been off (or very far away from) the podium throughout her race season this year. She is hoping to carry on collecting prizes throughout the winter and next season.

Jed is our Sport category marathon and endurance specialist. He has his sights set on the National Marathon races next year, with thoughts towards the Langkawi International MTB Challenge in the next few years too...

Tony is fairly new to MTB racing, having made the step up to the Sport category last year. He is planning to step out of his comfort zone and try racing some of the National rounds next year.

Dave is the newest member of the team in the Sport category, but is no stranger to racing! With roots in DH, he has a mean turn of speed when the courses get technical.

The team had the launch at Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, where they were able to air out the new kit, made in Poland by Vitesse Sportswear and has been given the seal of approval by every member of the team.

The team is planning to represent at the National XC Series, the Eastern (Mud Sweat and Gears) series as well as the Midlands XC Series, along with various Winter races (Thetford Winter Series and the Gorrick Brass Monkeys).

For the 2015 season the team has secured title sponsorship from 9Bar who provide the team with nutrition in the form of their seed bars. The best thing is that they not only work, but actually taste really good (and they're healthy and Paleo-friendly too!).
Other support comes in the form of Chain-L, makers of the best (bar none) chain lubrication. If you grab a team member at a race they will be happy to share out trial bottles too! Beet It provide the team with their concentrated beetroot shots - which help to improve stamina with their dietary nitrates.
LV help out with insurance for both bikes and cars, while Mike's Bikes support the team in keeping the bikes running sweetly and looking good!
Sussed Out Suspension help by keeping all the bouncy bits working properly with excellent advice and suspension servicing while ESIgrips stop hands getting tired. They're highly rated and used by many of the world's top pro XC racers, so they must be doing something right!
We also have support from TrainerRoad - quite probably the best way to improve your fitness and stave off boredom on the turbo over winter and Rotor UK have sorted us out with some truly great drivetrain parts. Asymmetric chainrings really work for us!

Keep an eye on what the team are doing either on the website -, on Twitter (/9BarPaleoRacing) or on Facebook (/9BarPaleoRacing).

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